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If my profile, social media, or photos aren't compelling enough, feel free to peruse my testimonials from past encounters with individuals as well as couples. 

from sha & luke

Published February 4, 2020 on Scarlet Blue

"We had a delightful evening with Jia. It all started with her warmness and clarity of her profile while we were browsing through. She was stunning and we didn’t hesitate to leave her an email. She was very clear, open and..."

from Anthony

Published February 24, 2019 on Scarlet Blue

"I met Jia while she was touring in London. Despite reaching out at short notice, she was very accommodating and understanding. When you contact Jia, you get total professionalism..."

from M & D

Published December 23, 2018 on Scarlet Blue

"My wife and I recently decided that we would like to meet with Jia for a couples evening. Communication was simple -- Jia is professional, polite and down-to-earth. We had a specific request in mind.."

from Ronnie

Published November 29,  2017 on Scarlet Blue

"I met Jia whilst she was in Sydney, she is an incredibly easy going, beautiful, smart and relaxing young lady. I immediately felt relaxed around Jia, as she is so bright and bubbly. From head to toe Jia is one of the most.."

From J

Published July 4,  2017 on Scarlet Blue

"Just spent some time with the delightful Jia ! Making the booking was discrete and stress free When Jia answered the door in her sexy black lingerie OMG What any amazing experience..."

from matt

Published January 23,  2017 on Scarlet Blue

"Stunning, elegent and statuesque, Jia is all and more. While I only got to spend a short time with her in Brisbane Jia is incredible. From the moment the door opened she was warm and freindly..."

from bigm

Published September 5,  2016 on Scarlet Blue

"i was a little hesitant to write this, as when we met it wasn't a typical encounter for either of us, but the experience was so good it deserves one. Jia is a gorgeous, young mischievous..."

from mr l (toyburu)

Published July 19,  2016 on Scarlet Blue

"Jia Loren - Desserts, Cocktails and a Truly Passionate Time I had not really planned to be meeting up with anyone new as life had blessed this man with more than enough to fulfill his fantasies...then came along Jia..."

from Al

Published June 1,  2019 on Scarlet Blue

"Jia is something very special, beautiful both inside and out, she will change your world for the better just by being in it. I have seen Jia a number of times over the past 5 months, in brief encounters, dinner dates, overnights..."

from Chris

Published February 12, 2019 on Scarlet Blue

"I had my first meeting with Jia yesterday and felt compelled to leave a testimonial. After viewing her profile I arrived with high expectations. I can honestly say she exceeded all my expectations.."

from BB - VIP

Published October 14, 2018 on Scarlet Blue

"Jia wanders into your life as a mysterious lover. You see her pictures, read her bio and think you know about her, and yet you know nothing. When you meet her she will seduce you, without you knowing, bring out in you.."

From COrey Swelsh

Published November 29, 2017 on Scarlet Blue

"Jia Loren - Intelligent , beautiful, full of life , passionate and just an absolute joy to be with. Jia was so beautiful, as you of course can see in her profile, but in person she really is a goddess..." 

from d

Published March 15,  2017 on Scarlet Blue

"I have seen Jia a few times now and I can honestly say that she is amazing! Not only is she beautiful, sexy and cute all rolled into one, along with a sexy petite body. But she is also very warm, caring and easy to get..."

from mr l (toyburu)

Published December 8,  2016 on Scarlet Blue

"Jia Loren - Siren by the Sea
Getting to know Jia Loren this year has been one of life's grandest pleasures. Unusually for every booking with Jia it has been a dining date. Why? Well her companionship is so..." 

from mr l (toyburu)

Published September 2,  2016 on Scarlet Blue

"JIA LOREN - Indulgence of Passionate Snuggles and Beauty.
As I left the apartment the first time I met Jia I knew that the next time we met it would be under different circumstances..."

from Roy

Published May 7,  2019 on Scarlet Blue

"Jia, thank you for time we had together this week. I have still been unable to get you out of my mind. You are not only absolutely stunning in beauty and mind, you also gave me the utmost pleasure..."

from neil

Published February 5, 2019 on Scarlet Blue

"Leading up to meeting Jia in London communication was clear and prompt from the offset. Despite Jia's many photos on her profile I was still surprised at how gorgeous she looks in person, and so impeccably.." 

from IAN M

Published July 2, 2018 on Scarlet Blue

"I have had the joy of seeing Jia on three occasions now and each time she makes me feel like i am very special. Not only is Jia extremely beautiful she is very intelligent and worldly having lived and travelled overseas..."

from David Pierce

Published October 28, 2017 on Scarlet Blue

"had the pleasure to spend some time jia very passionate lady the pocket size goddess from Canberra will book her again very cute ,beautiful thank you Jia for a most memorable time xx"

from bigm

Published January 29,  2017 on Scarlet Blue

"I was lucky enough to meet this vixen late last year as i passed through Canberra on business. Unfortunately fate conspired to keep me from seeing her again until the Australia Day long weekend..."

from hotxbuns

Published November 29,  2016 on Scarlet Blue

"I have been meaning to write this review for a while, but every time I go to do it I don't know where to begin so I never start. I will attempt to give you an overview of just how incredible Jia really is..."


Published August 26,  2016 on Scarlet Blue

"How best to review Jia? Perhaps this word picture sums up my impressions ... With this Eurasian pocket-sized goddess, her session goes off like a Chinese firecracker display and leaves you wanting more..."

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