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When asked for my preferred duration for encounters, I am torn between short and sweet afternoon trysts, and long, dreamy date nights. While I lean more towards a Girlfriend Experience, each of my encounters are unique where I enjoy getting to know the tastes of my suitor.


Socially, I effortlessly present as a perfectly poised dinner guest, and single-malt whisky enthusiast. Behind closed doors, I am very much the intuitive and attentive girlfriend you wish you always had - with a mild hint of mischief. I relish in connecting through touch, and sensually exploring each other's minds and bodies. 

The attentive and intuitive girlfriend you always wished you had.

1 HOUR - $700

1.5 HOURS - $1000

2 HOURS  - $1200

3 HOURS - $1800

What could be more intoxicating than a gradual build up of tease and tension over stimulating conversation between courses?

A deep, dark desire for unorthodox pleasures waiting to be explored. Not for the fainthearted... 

1 HOUR - $900

1.5 HOURS - $1200

2 HOURS - $1400

3 HOURS - $2000

Don't let your work commitments have you without a company. Request that I travel to you and let's make the most of your busy schedule.

Ready to introduce a third in to your next date night? Take your relationship to the next level.

1 HOUR - $1050

1.5 HOURS - $1500

2 HOURS - $1800

3 HOURS - $2700

Have I left a stone unturned?  I hope this answers your queries.

Passport ready and coming to a city near you...

Want to know when I will be visiting your city? The following pages are password protected and only available to verified members. Click here to be verified and gain access.

terms & conditions

A non-refundable deposit of 50% will be required from new suitors to confirm a date. This deposit is transferable only once within 30 days and is immediately forfeited should you fail to cancel in advance within 72 hours. A cancellation fee of the full amount is non-negotiable should you not show up to our agreed upon place and time. If discretion be an obstacle, I have many discreet payment methods that will suit your predicament. 

Please enquire with me directly about particulars regarding anything you believe to be unorthodox or a fantasy must. I do not offer Greek, natural intercourse or filming under any circumstances. If you would like to know my specific boundaries, I implore you to get in touch prior to our encounter so that we are familiar with each other's likes.

Those that violate any of my boundaries will be dealt with accordingly. I will not hesitate to contact law-enforcement if necessary. By confirming our date, you hereby agree to all of my terms and conditions and will ensure in making our encounter a positive, and respectful experience. 

Please note: not all of my services are available in every Australian state due to state laws.   

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