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Let's start off on the right foot - first impressions always count.


Please note these notes serve as a brief guide to my own expectations and do not reflect the standards of my peers. 

What to include

Preference is always given to those who make the best first impression. To guarantee a reply, please include the following:

- Your name

- Location (city)

- Preferred day and time (a few options is appreciated)

-Length of booking

- Any requests you may have for our time together

- In-call or out-call (if applicable)

Bonus points are given to lovers who are polite & have taken their time to read through my website before getting touch. 


how to make contact

I am happy for you to use the form of communication that best suits you for enquiries.

Email is my preferred method of communication for discretion and bookings - especially if you have any special requests or are looking for a session on shorter notice. I also have a contact form that maybe more convenient.

Phone calls are only guaranteed to be answered when a  time to speak is made prior. Please contact me about a mutually convenient time as I am not always available to take your call. If you call on a private number, I will respect your privacy and not answer.

If you are a new client and would like to line up all your ducks while awaiting a reply, it would be advisable for you to complete the screening submission form. This is a requirement for all international enquiries which will allow you to access to international session rates and tour dates on this website. You will receive the password once your screening information is verified. 


Keep in mind...

- Please, no phone calls. 

- I do require deposits for most of my bookings to secure our time together. This allows both of us to have peace of mind that our time together will go ahead.​


- Please allow 72 hours for me to get back to you. I am fortunate to be able to embody this salacious identity for only one or two dates a week due to my other commitments. As much as I adore a spontaneous rendezvous, I am unable to accommodate same day requests and your message may not garner a reply. If you haven't received a response within this time frame, please feel free to send me a gentle nudge.

- Email is fine for communicating, however, a phone number is also required for security purposes. This is a non-negotiable condition. 

- International and Adelaide clients: please include two reference of someone you have met in the past for a brief character reference. Please ensure you have their permission to share their details before I contact them. 

In Preparation

- Please refrain from heavy scented sprays and colognes. Intense scents can trigger an asthma attack in me, particularly if it's a spray. Best to keep it to a single, light spritz.

- Facial hair is okay but please make sure it's maintained with oils or softened with conditioner regularly. 

- If you arrive intoxicated, the date will be stopped immediately and you will be asked to leave without a refund. This is for the safety of myself and my duty of care to you, as a service provider.

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