Booking Etiquette

h O W  T O  m a k e  C O N T A C T 

First impressions count

I am happy for you to use the form of communication that suits you best to get in touch for all encounters or general enquiries:

Text is preferred for an initial enquiry - especially if you have any special requests or are looking for a last minute booking (a follow up phone call may be required for new clients). 

Phone calls are only guaranteed to be answered when a  time to speak is made prior. Please contact me about a mutually convenient time as I am not always available to take your call. If you call on a private number, I will respect your privacy and not answer.


Email is perfect for extended communication, discretion and advance bookings. Please try not to use email if you are looking for a last minute enquiry as it is often missed. I also have a contact form to make things easy. 

w h a t  t o  i n c l u d e

Preference is always given to those who make the best first impression! If you want to make my life easy, please include the following:


- Your name

- Location (city)

- Preferred day and time (options if you have them)

-Length of booking

- Any requests you may have for our time together

- Incall/Outcall (if applicable)

Bonus points are given to lovers who are polite & extra bonus points for creativity!

t h i n g s  t o  k e e p  i n  m i n d

- Please, no private numbers.

- I do require deposits for most of my bookings to secure our time together. This allows both of us to have peace of mind that our time together will go ahead,

- If you call and don't receive an answer; a text introducing yourself and asking for an appropriate time for a call or text back is appreciated 

- Please allow 48 hours for emails to be responded to - if you haven't got a response within this time frame please get in touch and let me know.

- Email is fine for communicating, however, a phone number is also required for security purposes. If you would like to forgo this an accepted reference will be required.

- International and Adelaide clients: please include a reference of someone you have seen for a booking,

Due to my tours being increasingly busy I am giving priority to clients willing to place a deposit with me.

Once you have made an advance booking with me you have seven days to complete a deposit or for the deposit to show in my business account the morning of the day of our date.


A deposit of 25% for all short bookings is required (2 hours or less) or 50% for all extended, dinner date and overnight bookings. 

I have multiple discreet methods for you to make a deposit. Once you have locked in your time deposit options will be sent through sent to you.

Please note: deposits are not refundable should you not be able to attend your appointment. Under certain circumstances, I may credit a deposit towards a future booking given adequate notice.

Deposit Policy