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the girlfriend
you wish you always had
All about jia

I am not your girl next door. Enter a moment of passion with me and leave the world behind you. Allow me to be your fantasy plaything - indulge yourself.


Drown yourself in my warm décolletage and breathe in my scent. Run your fingers through my luscious locks and hear my gentle whimpers of desire, begging for more. For those who seek unorthodox pleasures, I can cater to your needs. Taking pride in every unique experience, trust me to lead you astray.


An exotic pleasure seeker, I humbly embrace my mixed heritage and multi-lingual upbringing. Thoroughly enjoy conversing on a variety of topics having spent years in higher education and traversing the globe. While a self-proclaimed minx in the bedroom, my inner intellectual shines as your ideal dinner companion. My quick wit will catch you off guard - will you keep up?

By day, I am a full-time university student with part-time work commitments unrelated to this industry. I am lucky to have had the pleasure of embodying this identity since 2016 and relish this work despite my limited availability. As much as I enjoy the spontaneity of a same-day rendezvous,  I am unable to accommodate dates without 24-48 hours notice because of these prior commitments. I would appreciate a few days notice to allocate time in my schedule to ensure you have my full, undivided attention. Your patience and understanding is appreciated.

As of the moment, I am unable to commit long sessions and prefer shorter encounters. I welcome you to get in touch should you have any questions, I may not get back to you straight away so a gentle nudge is also appreciated. 

A few of my favourite things

As you get to know me, you will come to realise that I am the type of person who is always in my head. Most likely lost in thought of something creative or enjoying the comfortable silence with the added bonus of light caresses. I adore languid, late afternoons where the sun is at its lowest point and where the golden rays of the sun washes over the horizon. 

The quickest way to my heart is a book recommendation. I am not fussed between fiction or non-fiction. What I enjoy the most is hearing about why it meant so much to you and how you felt while you were reading it. One of the many pleasures this role has afforded me is the ability to connect with diverse individuals and come to learn about what makes their heart sing. 

I would be remiss if I did not mention how much I enjoy being wined and dined when the schedules of my suitor and mine are able to align. I enjoy a bevy of libations but I am most partial to buttery, rich chardonnays, shiraz and pinot noir from Barossa, South Australia, and single-malt whiskies from Japan and Scotland (no added ice or water preferably). 

Small trinkets and objects of your affection are appreciated but never expected. You can look into this further on my gift list

Ready to meet?

Mon: 9am - 6pm

​​Tues: 3pm - 9pm

Wed: 9am - 6pm

Thur: 3pm - 9pm

Fri: 9am - 6pm

Sat: Pre-bookings only

Sun: Pre-bookings only

5-7 days notice is appreciated. Same day enquiries will receive a reply when only when touring. Please allow 48-72 hours for me to get back to you.

Thanks for submitting!
I'll get back to you shortly.
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